Thursday, December 10, 2009

Watercolor Portrait for CWC

Finished painting

Underpainting in Terre Verte

I used one of my niece's photo as a reference to paint this for the Yahoo colorfulwatercolor art group hosted by Rhonda Carpenter.  We were to do a monochromatic painting first then overpaint the same painting.  I chose terre verte (green) by Holbein as my underpainting.since I wanted that color in the shadows. 

This was painted on bristol board and kept getting hard edges as the paper absorbed the paint so fast.  It was hard to soften the edges without beading the paper.  I couldn't get smooth transitions.  Maybe I should have wet the paper first then dropped in paint.  BTW, this does not look like my niece but has some similarities.  Still, it was all a learning process. 


Susan said...

What a great idea for the green underpainting, Ann! What is it someone said, "100 years from now nobody will know whether it looked like him/her or not." Lovely work.

Ann Buckner said...

Hello Susan, thank you. I was pleased to see the green underpainting work.