Friday, January 01, 2010

TMC #21, HAPPY 2010 TO YOU

 TMC #21
On 5" x 7" Fabriano paper

Happy New Year to each of you and thank you for following this blog and all of your encouraging comments. Another thanks to all the artists' blogs I follow, for sharing your work and your knowledge.  It has been a pleasure to visit your blogs.

This TMC is again of an area across the highway from me.  Again, I eliminated the buildings because I wanted to concentrate on the leafless tree.  There are so many landscape artist I admire that can paint leafless trees so well, that get the essence of the bare branches with just a few leaves hanging on.  Will have to practice more to get the essence of distant branches and leaves.  Still, it was a beautiful morning with frost on the ground and the sun shining just behind the mountain. 


hw (hallie) farber said...

This is a charming 20-minute painting. The blue makes me feel the cold.

Happy New Year.

Dawn said...

Happy New Year to you Ann
love your new painting at the header!
your tmc #21 could be out my back door, it is lovely!

RH Carpenter said...

So lovely, Ann! I love your style with watercolor and you are one of those painters who do trees and leaves and limbs so well.

Deb Léger said...

Hi Ann, Happy New Year to you - may it be a year filled with health for you. Love your TMC's - you did a fine job on the trees here. (You always do!) Deb said...

I like the freedom in this TMC Anne. I also like your oranges in the new heading.

Ann Buckner said...

hw, thank you, it was cold and still is with a bit of snow expected today. :)

Thank you, Dawn. Wonderful isn't it to have such scenery outside our doors.

Rhonda, bless you for your continued encouragement.

Hi Deb, you have been missed. As always, you are appreciated.

Nora, thank you. That header is a crop of a TMC that I decided to finish. :)