Monday, January 04, 2010

TMC #22, Clothes Pins

TMC #22
Clothes Pins
Watercolor & Ink
On 5" x 7" Fabriano paper

I have been in a painting slump and these little 20 minute paintings are the thing that is keeping me painting right now.   I think the slump is really a period of creativity in my mind as I mull things (subjects, compositions, etc.) over.  At least I hope that is what this slump is about.  I find that after completing several things, like the portraits, this happens to me.  Today, I plan to seal boards and apply gesso to them so they are ready for painting in either acrylic or oils. 


Gary Keimig said...

20 minutes is good. It can really get the creative juices going. Like the subject and how you handled it.

Unknown said...

When you are creating artwork or any other thing, are you THINKING about something else? What I mean is can you create artwork with a blank mind, only giving you attention to the creative process? That is what mindfulness is. Giving whatever activity you are doing your full attention without thinking about anything else but the activity you are doing in the moment. There is no such thing as past and future. All there is is THIS MOMENT in which you live right now.

Celeste Bergin said...

lively---fun subject too

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Gary, Hope your new year is going well. :)

Lorraine, thank you for the interesting information on the creative process and for visiting the blog. :)

Thanks Celeste. :)