Friday, February 12, 2010

Male Graphite Portrait, WIP

 I'm trying to work fairly light to get the basics down.  He has a heavy 5 o'clock shadow and hopefully I can portray that.  I will be applying more graphite to the background, to make it darker with a smoother look.   This represents several hours work and will look at this upside down to see if the features are accurate.  The mouth is the area that is giving me a bit of trouble.  There is just a hint of teeth showing which I hope to indicate with a slightly lighter value than the upper lip while the lower lip is lighter because of the light. 


Clate Anneslear said...

i had a similar problem with bringing attention to teeth that don't show very much in the photograph. but i think it's comming along nicely! will you be posting the finished product? i'd love to see it.

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you Clate. Appreciate your feedback.

Clate Anneslear said...

you're welcome!