Monday, March 15, 2010

Ethiopian Child, Watercolor Layers

These are the first two stages of the watercolor study of the Ethiopian child.  Now I will find out how much I can correct, starting with leveling the eyes.  The way I normally paint is to get the painting to the almost finished stage in one session.  This time I have worked over three days to get to this stage.  I need to remeasure the placement of everything to see what areas need to be shortened, lengthened or widened.  Happily, I traced my drawing on to tracing paper for transfer to watercolor paper in case I need to start another painting.  So far, I have used Burnt Sienna, Quin. Burnt Orange, New Gamboge, Transparent Yellow Oxide, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, and Ultramarine Blue.

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RH Carpenter said...

I loved your sketches and I'm loving this, too. Glad you are trying it in watercolor, but am curious about your adjustments: do you not draw it on the wc paper exactly as you want it and then paint it? I would think it would be difficult and frustrating to try to adjust in watercolors after you have the features in? Maybe that's just me and I don't know how to adjust a portrait in watercolors - any tips for us?