Sunday, March 21, 2010

Learning to Paint Petals, Watercolor

There is a workshop going on at Painting Friends thanks to Ruth (Madmum).  We are using a reference photo provided by Ruth.  I have been working on the steps slowly, waiting until Ruth posts each of the steps she takes so I can follow along. It is always interesting to see how other artists proceed with a painting.  I normally don't paint much in layers, unless it is getting darker darks, so this is rather a new experience for me. I know I can learn lots from her.  You can see Ruth's blog with her fabulous florals here

Plus, I have been practicing eyes and noses - none that are worth sharing.  I have a heavy hand with the pencil and have the tendency to go over and over an area.  I do the same thing when painting so the challenge is to not only learn to draw and paint facial features but to retrain my brain to keep from repeating strokes unless absolutely necessary. 

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