Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Red Rose, In Progress

I haven't painted in the last few days so I decided to get back to it by practicing a rose.  I find red roses the most difficult of flowers.  I began this with an underpainting of Quinacradone Magenta in the darker areas - made a mess of the rose so I used Mr. Clean Magic eraser and water to lift some of the color and began again.  Still want to form the rose more and perhaps lift some good lights in the petals. 


debwardart said...

You've got some nice darks in a few of the lower petals - perhaps a couple of those close to the center, then lift a few edges?? When I do red I usually begin with a yellow and glaze up, if that is any help. And maybe a bit of green around the top of the stem?(don't know what that green part of the rose is that looks like little leaves that hug the bottom of the rose). I think it looks good, tho.

Ann Buckner said...

Deb, thank you for the comments and the tips. I started over with a new painting which I just posted. I'm trying not to use miskit so I have to practice leaving whites/lights. :(