Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jessika Rose, Stage 1

I found a beautiful reference photo of a Jessika rose, taken by valchina612 at the Wet Canvas Image Reference Library.  The colors in the rose range from a yellowish to a peach to a coral to a vibrant pink.  So far two of the petals have quin. rose and quin. coral touched by a lemon yellow.   The gray is the misket applied to keep the whites.  Will do my best to get a soft gradation going into the white. 


RH Carpenter said...

I always love how you paint your roses so am looking forward to this one, too. A good peach = Naples Yellow + Quin Rose (just saw that on a watercolor show while in Florida - it was Terry Madden).

SKIZO said...


Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for the color tip and the comments, Rhonda - appreciate both. :)

SKIZO, thank you so much for your comments.