Saturday, April 10, 2010

Water Lilies-Stage One

This is stage one of waterlilies on an 1/8th sheet of Arches 140lb. wc paper.  The sketch was loosely drawn and so far my palette consists of Terre Verte, Fr. Ultramarine Blue, Undersea Green, Holbein Lemon Yellow, DS New Gamboge, Ultramarine Violet, Indanthrene Blue, Holbein Perm. Alizarin Crimson, and Quin. Magenta.  Most of the greens are mixed and if a tube green was used it also had another color added to it.  

The reference photo is by Lil of Painting Friends and is being painted for the Friday Foto project.  Thanks Lil, for the beautiful photo.  The photo has been cropped and the larger flower moved to the right.  It also had a sign or something in the photo and that was removed.  Photoshop helps a lot when planning a composition. 


Christiane Kingsley said...

Ann, you are off with an excellent start. I like your composition and what you have so far, especially the nice looseness of wet-in-wet.

Ann Buckner said...

Christiane, thank you for sharing this journey with me. The beginning stages are always so exciting no matter the end result, aren't they.