Saturday, April 24, 2010

White Hawk Outline & Iris Outline

This is unusual for me to have two sketches drawn, ready for painting.  Well almost ready, the iris sketch isn't complete yet.  Both are a quarter sheet on Fabriano Aristico wc paper.  The outline of White Hawk was traced as I wanted to get his features fairly accurate while the iris is freehand drawn.  I taped a piece of tracing paper over the computer screen and traced the outline.  Cheating??? Perhaps, but to me it is a means to an end which is accuracy and expediency.  As long as I know I can draw him and draw him accurately if I choose to then I don't feel guilty lol.  The grey on the White Hawk outline is Pebeo Drawing Gum.  Those are the areas that I want the lightest.  My plan is to gradate the washes so there are not any hard edges near the Pebeo and am keeping my fingers crossed it works out this way.   

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