Sunday, April 25, 2010

White Hawk, Stage 2

Instead of lovely smooth skin, I have this ugly blotchy look.  Will try to smooth it out and tie everything together. I am being very timid with this painting, feeling my way as I paint - stopping often to step back and look.  Don't you just love the blossom smack dab in the middle of his forehead? *big grin*  Happily I have the drawing so can do another if I'm not pleased with this one at the end.  That does help me to feel freer to experiment a little and make mistakes and corrections. 

I have added Pthalo Blue and Pthalo Green to the palette to create the darker hair.  These are very staining color and am mixing them with P. Alizarin Crimson and sometimes the TYO and TRO to get a variety of color in the hair. 

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RH Carpenter said...

Ann, to me, I'd love to be able to do that "blotchy look" - it reminds me of Jeanette Jobson's portraits - she dabs on paint in bits and doesn't blend much - like oil painting but with watercolor. Take a look at her work - you may not think this is so bad then. I like how you're finished it up and it looks good to me but I know you'll do it again so I'll keep watching. I really think portraits are the hardest things to paint in any medium because every little millimeter difference in the size of anything makes such a difference. Keep trying, I love watching!