Sunday, June 06, 2010

Quick Sketch and Hydrangeas

Rhonda, of Watercolor and Words, asked if I was going to do the "Spirit of the Gulf Challenge" hosted by Suzanne McDermott.  I hope you visit Suzanne's blog to learn more about this Challenge and go to Facebook to see some of the artwork already posted. 

Last night, I went to Wikipedia for more information on the Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle which is an endangered species that lives in the Gulf. Then I had to find a reference photo for this drawing since I haven't visited the Gulf in years and years so I visited Gimp, which has public domain photos from the Department of Fish & Wildlife and NOAA, that are free for use.

Using a photo from the Department of Fish & Game, I did the quick sketch this morning, using an H pencil, and had to up the contrast because it was so light in value.  The sketch, as mentioned before, helps me to look at the turtle, notice it textures, shapes and its surrounding area - how the texture of the shell played against areas of smoothness on the Gulf floor then goes into more texture in the rocks. 

This photo of the Hydrangeas was taken this morning.  Those front clusters are sooo big and the colors are beautiful.  I just love the play of shadows across the plant.


Crystal Cook said...

I love your sketch Ann, it's full of life :) And those hydrangeas look like they will be so fun to paint! Such beautiful light, I just took some photos of flowers this week to paint from. Fun!

Christiane Kingsley said...

You are painting towards such a worthwhile cause!
I like your sketch and can't wait to see the painting evolve.

Gary Keimig said...

very nice sketch Ann. Should make a great painting.

Ann Buckner said...

Crystal, will we be seeing a floral painting from you? Glad you stopped by.

Christiane, the painting is finished - just wish I could get a decent photo of it. Most definitely me and not the camera, having difficulty. I'm sure enjoying your florals.

Gary, glad you liked the sketch. Thanks for stopping by