Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lilacs Practice continued

Managed to paint a little more this evening.  Since I don't have a drawing, I am getting a bit confused with the petals.  I am basically painting wet on dry and I have to be pretty sure where the brush stroke should be placed and how light the color needs to be.  The colors can easily be darkened but it is much more difficult to lighten reds and purples.  This is going to be a painting that will take some time to complete so maybe I'll paint some pears too just so I can get a little crazy with the paint and not have to be so cautious. 


irinasztukowski said...

That's tough to paint without drawing wet on wet; however, there is plenty space for imagination, isn't it :)
Great beginning Ann! Thanks, Irina

laura said...

So far so good! The purple you're using is lovely, and you're doing a fine job maintaining enough white to make it really sing.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for stopping by Irina. :)

Thanks Laura. I appreciate the feedback.