Friday, July 09, 2010

Tulips, Next Stage

Finally got to work on this for a little while last night.  The gray inside the lower flower is misket so the red wouldn't bleed into the white area.  Part of the drawing was lost and have to redraw some of the leaves.  Will be interesting to see what effect the background shapes and color will have on the leaves.

French Ultramarine Blue and Quin. Burnt Orange were mixed for a greenish-gray, then mixed French Ultramarine Blue and Sepia for a more neutral blue. Grays (neutrals) are great to use as resting places for the eyes, as a backdrop for more intense color and areas in the center of interest. The yellow is Holbein Lemon Yellow straight from the tube. 

The greens on my palette are Hookers Green, Undersea Green, Terra Verte, and Green Gold.  To these greens, French Ultramarine Blue, Quin. Violet, or one of the reds or yellows can be added to create darks or lean the greens to a certain color direction.  Most of the time, I mix greens from the blues and yellow and add just a tad of the third primary color to neutralize the green so they aren't so garish and intense. 


Pat said...

Interesting to follow how you work, I am learning a great deal from it xx

RH Carpenter said...

You're gonna hate me but I love it the way it is right now without anything else being done to it - free, loose, open, and you don't have to worry about the greens because that greyed bg works well to make that red even hotter and brighter! I know you'll go ahead and work on it and I'll be back to see where you go :)

Christiane Kingsley said...

I love those reds against the greys! I appreciate your detailed description of your color mixtures. Thank you!

Ann Buckner said...

Pat, Rhonda & Christiane, thank you all for your interest. :)