Monday, July 12, 2010

Tulips, Stage 4

Over the weekend I did get to paint more on this painting.  Still need to put a little more definition between petals in the upper right larger tulip and separate more the two upper tulips on the left.  Then the center of the lower tulips needs to be formed to create a little more depth with some definition of shapes.  I have been video taping the continuation of the painting but it needs to be edited to get it to a manageable size. 

I received an e-mail from one of the artist viewer's of this blog about the saturation of the upper right tulip mentioned in the last post.  My apologies for not stating this clearer and I'm pleased she e-mailed me about it.  She wasn't sure what I meant about the saturation because she thought it looked fine.  If you look at the larger upper right tulip in the post below, you can see where the saturation and value of two of the petals are the same and have lost their form.  I should have included values when I was talking about this in the last post.  Hope it is more clear now and if any of you have questions or my comments are not clear, hope you ask.

I also want to thank again, all those that are following this blog.  I haven't mentioned you individually but I do take note and when time permits, visit the different blogs. 


Judy Adamson said...

It's still amazing me how your first stages turn into wonderful painting! I suppose if I see enough of the stage-by-stage process, eventually I won't be so surpised at how well they turn out any more.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Ann, it is such a pleasure to watch this delightful painting develop. Watching this on video will be a real treat!

I really like the effects you achieve in your backgrounds.

debwardart said...

It's coming along beautifully - I really like the loose strokes of the leaves around the more defined flowers - and admire your taking time to video!

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Judy, enjoyed your blog very much. The lavender looks lovely and can imagine its scent. I am always surprised by the turns my paintings take. They rarely end up as I envisioned but then that is half the fun, seeing what happens spontaneously.

Hi Christiane, I am pleased that you are interested in seeing the video and like the background. One of the things that has struck a chord in the watching the videos is how important it is to step back frequently and look at what has been painted before proceeding with the next step.

Hi Deb, thanks for taking a break from your own work to visit here. Love what you are doing with the fronds painting.