Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Squash, 20 Minute Warmup

Squash & Cucumber
6" x 8"

wow, it has been months since I've done a 20 minute warmup.  I can tell by how rushed I felt and how I lost the freshness of the lights in the squash.  Lots of bleeding in this one but still it was fun to do and really got the adrenalin flowing. 


Deb Léger said...

gorgeous warmup, Ann!

Carole Barkett said...

You're brave, I can't make myself do anything timed yet as I feel too stressed.

irinasztukowski said...

Wow! So fresh and so yummy! It makes me wanting to go outside to my backyard and pick up green peas; however, I doubt that I can paint them in 20 minutes ;). Thanks! Great Job! Irina

Pat said...

Great warm up!

Ann Buckner said...

Deb, Carole, Irina & Pat, thank you all for commenting.

Carole, they are fun to do and it gets the adrenalin flowing and the right brain activity going. Plus, no one has to see them unless you choose to share them lol. Hope you give it a try