Thursday, August 05, 2010

Value Study & 20 Minute Warm up

Using a reference photo taken by yabby from the Wet Canvas Photo Reference Library, this was painted in 20 minutes using mixed grays - made up from the primary colors of French Unltramarine Blue, Quin. Violet, a warm and cool yellow.  The purpose behind the painting is to continue the study of values.  This was painted very wet, then using a clean, damp brush to spread the grays.  As you can see I didn't get color behind the area of the garlic on the right. 


Seema Misra said...

I love this one ... the tones are not perfect and the form is not too studied ... and the whole effect is lovely.

Usually i don't like still life compositions ,,, this one's nice.

What kind of paper did you use ?

Ann Buckner said...

So pleased you like it, Seema.