Monday, September 20, 2010

Chatter & A Drawing From the Archives

Since I am not posting what I am working on right now, I will share this charcoal drawing I did a few years ago in a classroom project in the Wet Canvas Sketching & Drawing Forum.  This is Sequoyah, a Cherokee, who developed a syllabary of 86 symbols. 

Right now, I have two portraits sketched and am doing a small poured painting which will include negative painting.  I haven't forgotten that I also want to paint the oil lamps and hope to get something designed using those.  The next couple of days will be busy with things other than painting.  Birthdays in the family this week so there will be a couple of parties including a surprise house guest for my Mom.  Mom will be 92 on Wednesday and hope we can continue to celebrate her birthday for years to come.


Crystal Cook said...

I really like that sketch, he looks so noble :)

And happy birthday to your Mom! Enjoy your week :)

RH Carpenter said...

Wonderful "sketch" - it seems much more than a sketch, more finished and beautiful.
Give your Mom a big birthday hug for me on Wednesday!

Carole Barkett said...

awesome, I can imagine the hours that went into that.

Sarah Howe said...

Excellent work! I was so tickled to see an artist I felt appealed by skills!! So much of art today just looks.... easy!!! Your colors are perfect!

Please visit my blog with my husbands art also!

Ann Buckner said...

Crystal, thank you for the birthday wishes for my mom.

Rhonda, thanks for BD wishes for Mom. You are so right, it is more of a finished drawing than a sketch. :)

Carole, it did take hours and hours lol.

Sarah, enjoyed the photos.

I appreciated your visit and your comments. Thanks