Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Card Exchange

 The front of the card
 The back of the card
The inside of the card

I participated in a Fall Card Exchange at  It was sent to Tricia, who lives in the UK, and she informed me she received the card, so now I can post it.  I am rather a messy painter and had paint on the back and on the inside so I just applied more paint.  I used a reference photo posted by Jim Roberts from the Wet C. RIL for the front of the card.  The other is just from my imagination. 


Tricia said...

And I love it Ann! Thank you once again :-) Tricia


beautiful card and design ann.. all 3 sides

Ann Buckner said...

Tricia, it means so much to me that you liked the card you received. It was a pleasure to paint and fun to send it to England lol.

Jane, very kind of you, thanks.

Unknown said...

Love this and what a brilliant idea! I feel quite inspired now, thank you! :)