Saturday, October 02, 2010

Portrait Study Update

Today I took a long drive and thought about this portrait, painting it in my mind, thinking of brush strokes and their placement.  Believe me when I say what I paint in my mind is much different than what you see on the paper.  But painting in my mind is one of the best exercises to help sharpen the focus, to visualize the shapes, the varying colors and values, that creates the forms of the face. 

Tonight I've been painting the eyes which still have to be set back into the eye sockets and have more work on the iris and pupil.  (Note to Self:  paint the eyes first next time.)  Both ears have to be shaped and painted and still have to paint the hair area and reshape the forehead, adding shadows to show the top of the forehead is tilting a bit away from the light.  I have yet to decide whether I will paint in the beard and moustache that is shown in the reference photo - will probably leave those out because I think he looks better clean shaven.  Oh, musn't forget to add laugh lines and darken shadows on the rest of the face. 

I bet you are wondering why it is taking me so long to paint this??  It is simple, after awhile I stop painting and look at it off and on while I do something else.  It helps me to see areas that need to be altered or adjusted before continuing on with the process.   


Unknown said...

I just love how you made the colors flow through the background and the clothing... So artistic! Thanks for reminding me about not doing too much in one sitting. It's so important to step away and come back later for a fresh look. I don't do that enough. Your painting is going to be awesome!

Ann Buckner said...

Katherine, thanks for the encouragement. As a painting goes through its various stages, I often wonder whether it will all come together as a pleasing (not overworked) painting.

I enjoyed your blog, and reading about your new journey into ink and watercolor. Fascinating medium isn't it.