Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday Morning Chatter

While out driving yesterday, there must have been a motorcycle meet somewhere in the area.  There were cyclists everywhere in a 30 mile area.  I am also intrigued by photos showing what is happening in the side view mirrors while looking forward.  Silly?  Perhaps but it is just one of the things that triggers my imagination.

With my coffee this morning, I am enjoying the artwork of the Bold Brush Painting Competition winners and the fav15% from the competition.  It excites my senses to see the juxtaposition of colors and shapes, the designs and the brushwork.  I then wonder what are the judges thoughts - what did they see in the Best of Show winner, Caldas da rainha Portugal by Eugen Chisnicean Watercolor 46cm x 68cm, that it stood out from all the other entries.   I think the painting is masterful, both in design and execution, and has that extra something that sets it apart from the ordinary. 

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