Friday, November 12, 2010

Chatter & Photo

It is rainy this morning and it brought to mind baking smells in the kitchen in day's past when the weather was similar.  I love Mom's apple pie and this jar is of her canned fruit, but I can't tell whether it is apples or peaches ha ha.  The bowl and the wooden rolling pin are close to 50 years old if my memory is halfway accurate. 

Not much chance to draw or paint but my SIL did look at her charcoal portrait and she thought it was too dark.  That means there will be a third drawing which hopefully will be one she likes.  One of the pitfalls from working with photos is that the darks (shadows) can be really dark which is misleading.  It helps me to lighten the photo and also I need to look more carefully at shadows on people in real life. 

I've been procrastinating about painting with acrylics and oils yet when I think about painting with them I get an adrenalin flow.  Must get them set up so I can just walk over to paint area and start instead of just thinking about it. 


Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Apples or peaches it looks YUMMY, send some my way please :D

Ann Buckner said...

Wish I could Teresa. :) I'm still waiting for a pie myself lol.