Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Next Subject

Meet Daylen, a little boy I met in the Emergency Room when Mom fell.  I was given permission to draw/paint this little boy so he will be my next practice piece.  Also, there is a photo from Morgue File that I want to draw and paint that has wonderful shadow and light.  Plus, I have four sisters still to draw/paint.

Painting shadows, especially in watercolor, is a challenge for me as I am so heavy handed and have a tendency to have muddy colors. In Mary Whyte's video she painted a wash of ultramarine blue in the shadow area then while the color was still wet, she went in with a bit thicker wash of a reddish color and let those colors merge and blend.  Mary has her paper upright on an easel and it was a thrill to watch those gorgeous colors do their own thing.

I've spent an hour this morning at the website of Scott Burdick & Susan Lyon looking through their travel journal and demonstrations.  From their website, I armchair traveled to the Waterhouse Gallery to view work in the Great American Figurative Artists 2010 show.  Hope you enjoy the websites and show as much as I have.


irinasztukowski said...

Great Gallery Ann, thank you for the suggestion.
I can't wait to see the painting of the little boy. The picture on the right has great potential for drawing and painting.


mollie jones said...

Ann, that little guy is absolutely adorable. And, his position in relation to lights and shadows is really great...can't wait to see what you do here.