Monday, January 31, 2011

Chatter & From the Archives

 From the Archives
Grasaille Underpainting

I did paint with watercolor this weekend but the reference used was for a specific online challenge and to be used only for that challenge so I won't share it.  it was a 2-hour challenge which is loads of fun.  The painting turned out a mess but I thoroughly enjoyed painting with reds, yellows and greens (mixed from blue and yellow) and lots of messy drips. 

The main reason for this post is the armchair traveling to Fabio Cembranelli's blog which is always pleasure to view.  Fabio then gave us a link to his interview done for Konstantin Sterkhov’s blog.  It was wonderful reading and the paintings were a pleasure to view.  After reading the interview I went on to look at more of Mr. Sterkov's blog.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and his artwork.  Definitely a blog to visit. 


Mermaid's Palette said...

Wow- thank you for the links, wonderful blogs and amazing paintings!

Ann Buckner said...

I'm pleased you enjoyed the links, Sheryl. Always such a pleasure to see other artists' work and enjoy sharing blogs and websites I find.