Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Old Man Portrait WIP

Before starting this painting I spent time procrastinating while I mulled over the colors to use, then I did swatches of those colors; glazing over colors, pre-mixing colors, adding complements to gray the colors and perhaps use as shadow colors.

Using a black and white reference photo by bboomerindenial from, the sketch posted earlier was transferred to a 1/4 sheet (11" x 15") watercolor paper.  The actual image size will be approximately 6" x 6 1/2".  This morning a first layer of yellow ochre was applied leaving some white areas for the lighter value.

The second photo shows a layer of quin rose applied over the yellow ochre while the third photo shows where viridian was brushed in.  I didn't mentioned earlier that these layers were applied wet on dry paper.

I guess I'm looking for a formula where to put certain colors in the face.  Should the shadows around the eyes be more purple/blue or is there is some green.  What colors to put around the nose and the sides of the face that are in shadow.  I don't know if they would look better purple, bluish, or greenish or warmer tones.  I have always heard cool light, warm shadows and vice versa.  I've read where the inside of the nostrils and the mouth are warm looking.  So is it a matter of playing around and just adding color willy nilly until I come up with something I think looks good?    I think so, because that is the only way it will soak in until it becomes a subconscious choice. 


Christiane Kingsley said...

This is looking very good and the sketch is excellent. I am especially impressed by your sketch of hands and fingers! I will certainly be following this with great interest. Thank you for sharing your process!

Stephie Butler said...

Great to see your progress on this Ann, and to hear your thoughts as you go.

There are various combinations you can use, but I think a lot comes down to personal taste...

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for stopping by Christiane and your comments. Your encouragements means a lot.

Hi Stephie, your work is just gorgeous and I appreciate you taking time to comment on this work. I even picked up a mirror to look at my own skin tones to see if areas were more blue or purple or green or reddish. Fun, eh.