Monday, January 10, 2011

A Tracing Ready for Paint

It took quite a long time to get this traced on to watercolor paper.  It looks a bit of a jumbled mess doesn't it.  The lines will be lightened with a kneaded eraser leaving just enough to find the individual shapes.

We had our first snow fall last night although the ground is barely covered.  Still it looks lovely and pristine.  Very little traffic on the highway so that means the roads are slick.


Pat said...

Like that it does look a bit of a jumble :)
I can see what I think are a few folded over leaves and some flowers too :)

William Cook said...

No no no. Not a jumbled mess. This is a stunning piece as it is, even with no erasers or color. When I saw it my eyes bugged out. The later versions are equally compelling, and thanks for going to all the trouble of posting the progressive states.

Same with the Peanut Butter piece. The earliest entry caught my eye about three weeks ago, and I remember craving peanut butter and I hadn't even read the caption. I've enjoyed the recent progressions.

You really are having a great time with the journey. Thanks for including your viewers.