Tuesday, February 15, 2011


7 1/2" x 11"
Bristol Vellum

This is my third drawing of Barbara.  Again, it resembles her but there is still something off so will have to study this for awhile and make some corrections.


Sharon Williamson said...

Nice work Ann, she is emerging from the paper beautifully! Love how the eyes draw you in. The features are all well modelled; even if you're not entirely happy and can see something off about it, it still looks good from here :-)

William Cook said...

Hi Ann--Barbara is eye catching. Her personality is present--same with that wonderful pencil piece of you brother. Your style has a wondereful lightness to it yet deftly accurate. I was fascinated with your discussion of hand position in the last post. Keep that pinky out of the graphite. Just kidding. Love your work. Wm


this is initial drawing is really wonderful ann ..your finished drawing is so refined .