Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Young Girl, Splotchy Skin Tones

As you can see below, the painting ( and paper) is overworked.  The skin tones and hair color are splotchy and not dark enough.  Look at the hair line above her left ear which looks like she has the beginning of a mohawk hair cut.  My initial goal was to have the red tones shine through the dark areas, deepening (darken) the skin with blues, purples and greens. 
I'm showing this so you can see what happens when I'm feeling indecisive and hesitant about how to proceed with a painting and end up using too weak a wash instead of stronger color.  I dislike giving up on a painting so will save this one instead of throwing it in the round file (trash).  My thought is to use acrylics to rework the skin tones and hair.  

I'm ready to begin a new painting of this young lady and have the drawing transferred to a clean piece of watercolor paper.  Hope you stay tuned and that you will wish me success with the painting!

On a side note, it is snowing.  The perfect time to take photos for my photo reference file.  I'm hoping this is the last snow/ice of our winter. 


Unknown said...

I cant thank you enough for posting this. It is reassuring to know that other people go through the same frustrations that I do.

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Katherine, it is comforting isn't it to know that other artists go through these same experiences and frustrations. I like that rose you drew and enjoyed your figure work too. Will you be painting the rose?

Sharon Williamson said...

Not an easy ref, Ann, but a good learning curve I reckon. As you know, no painting is time wasted - and we learn more with the tough ones :-)

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I was thinking the same thing! Thank goodness I'm not alone! Keep us posted with her progress!

Pat said...

Bravo on posting!
I'm sure we do all go through frustrating pics.. its nice to know we're not alone.
Look forward to seeing the next, where I'm sure the lessons learned here will help bring forward a great result!