Sunday, March 13, 2011

Learning To Draw An Ellipse - Coffee Cup Sketch

Here is the quick sketch of the finished coffee cup done for the online class where we are learning to draw an ellipse.  I think the back of the ellipse is a bit high and not quite round which can be corrected with a kneaded eraser. 

Yesterday was spent working on an art project on the computer.  From that project will come notans and thumbnails, rearranging elements for a more pleasing design.  Whether the rearrangement turns out to be more pleasing or not, the main thing for me, is to be aware of what can be done, how it can be changed, and why it needs to be changed. 


Linda Roth said...

You might be right, but is it important to be perfectly accurate? --If it is, there's a geometry for drawing ellipses. It's illustrated in books on perspective drawing. I think the coffee cup looks great.

Ann Buckner said...

L.W., no it isn't important that it be exactly right but when I look at the sketch, that elevated back ellipse is what I see first. It bugs me until it is fixed. Does that happen to you when you see something out of kilter?