Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Railroad Man, cont'd

We've had company so I am only painting for brief periods of time.  A few areas are being corrected today such as his right ear.  It was set too far back and was at too much of a slant which made the face look wider.  The shadow values on his forehead also need correction.  Then there is his left ear where the top part was placed  too low. Color has been lifted in that area but will have to use a Mr. Clean eraser to get it back to lighter paper and repainted.  I'm also working on the eyes today, trying to get a wet look to them even though they are in shadow and correcting as I paint.  


Pat said...

He's coming on well, Ann.
Look forward to seeing him finished xx

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Wow, he's coming along nicely!!

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks you two :)