Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brother-in-Law Project

My brother-in-law has a terrific sense of humor and is all the time telling funny stories.  Not only that he is great about offering and giving help when needed, like weed eating while his wife, my twin, mows our lawn.  He asked if I would paint this little boy mowing the lawn.  The statue came from his Mom so it is special to him.  Hope he approves of the paint job then the only thing left to do is to spray the little boy with a krylon spray.  No doubt this little guy will sit on their patio near the flowers. 


Anonymous said...

What a superb job you did in painting!! Truly a treasure!

Linda Roth said...

You're a kind sister in-law. You did a wonderful job for the prince-of-a-guy who would let your twin mow while he lounges and snacks on weeds.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks, Novice Artist. My BIL liked it.

L.W. I'm afraid my BIL would have to "fight" to get to mow the lawn. It is one job my twin really enjoys so he steps aside so she can lol.