Monday, June 20, 2011

Koi, In Progress

I've begun this koi painting and the photo is showing more saturated than it is in real life. I usually start my painting with light washes then go darker and more saturated.

I bet you wonder why I post so many WIP's instead of finished work.  It is simply because I paint for awhile, walk away from it and then go back to the painting.  I look at the work constantly as I walk by or get a glimpse of it while working on something else.  Working this way has become a habit in the last year or so. 


Pat said...

Thanks for the insight on how you work, Ann. I should imagine that helps you to see lots of changes you might like to make.
I fear if I tried that, I'd have seventeen paintings permanently half finished.
I admire that you can do that, it must take such willpower! xx

ann @ studiohyde said...

This is such a good way to work...seeing it with 'fresh eyes' each time. The painting so far looks like you could say 'finished'....very good.

Crystal Cook said...

It's looking beautiful Ann! I love paintings of Koi. And you know I do the same thing with my WIPs. It helps a lot doesn't it?

RH Carpenter said...

I think that's a good way to work, Ann. Wish I could make myself walk away before I ruin something - but there seems to be a timer inside me as soon as a begin a painting that says, "You have this many minutes and this should be done!" ha ha This is a lovely start - the upper koi is so lyical and beautiful in shape and color.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for stopping by to look at the koi and comment. I love that we all have such different ways of working, which suits each of us best.