Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tea Party In Progress

This is the progress on the painting this morning.  One good thing about looking at a photo of the painting one can see what looks out of kilter, such as her left eye.  It has to be lowered.  My plan is to lift out enough to reshape it before going further with the facial skin tones.  Happily, cobalt blue lifts pretty easy, not true though with the reds in the skin tones used in the white of the eye.

I've been wetting the surface of the skin first, letting it soak in, letting it dry until the sheen of the wet water is gone, then dropping in more water and paint. I read about this method on Susan Tustain-Harrison's website/blog. 
My palette to this point is cobalt turquoise, viridian, cobalt blue, deep scarlet, perinone orange, perm. rose, yellow ochre, azo yellow and transparent brown oxide.   


Pat said...

Its coming along nicely. I'm sure you'll get the eye right and she'll look stunning! xx

ann @ studiohyde said...

Good progress so far Ann. Look forward to the finished painting:)

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I agree about the eyes positioning but I'm sure you'll be able to fix it without problem Ann, also can't wait to see it finished, the photo reference was really captivating and that hat is delightful already, will be waiting for the next step :)

Gryphon said...

Beautiful , I love watching you create.