Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jody's Mom, In Progress 3

 A little more completed this afternoon.  

This is today's progress, getting the shape of the car and the other house in.  Lots to correct and paint yet.  I think I put in a bit too much detail in the white of the building and have to correct the lines of the awning.  What I find daunting is getting the face to look at least a bit like her face.

In one of the comments from a previous post, Linda asked if there were any tips I could share when drawing with a brush.  The major tip is to learn to draw/sketch with a pencil first.  The more sketching one does the more proficient one becomes.  It is major training for the eyes that teaches us to look at not only form, but line, shapes and values as well.  The other tip is that when drawing with paint I usually use very diluted paint and try not to use a staining color as as reds or pthalo's.  Hope that gives you some ideas, Linda.

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Sharon Williamson said...

Ann, this is looking great. I love the way you have those pinks tying the piece together. It has a nostalgic feel to it.