Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jody's Mom Comparison

The before photo was taken under ambient light and looks so much warmer and has more saturated color.  The "after" photo was taken this morning under natural light and after reworking the chairs, darkening the flowers near Jody's Mom, and reworking the shadows on the sidewalk along with some other areas.  

I know the "after" photo pales in comparison but to me the focus is now more on Jody's Mom with the house being more in the "background". Wonder what Jody will think? 


Studio at the Farm said...

Isn't it amazing the difference the lighting makes?!

Linda Roth said...

Ann, I'm sorry, but I think the before rendition has stronger contrasts and shows up Jody's mom better than the paled down version. In the "after" painting, all the values are nearly the same and even out the house next door with the mom's house, the sidewalk, the dress, the shrubs, the grass. The depth of the painting has been decreased and the focal point weakened.

I'm sorry if you weren't really looking for a critique, but showing the two together made me think you were. Come on over anytime and don't hold back. I really do welcome fresh eyes and educated responses. Meanwhile, I hope I didn't offend you. I could have not commented. When people don't comment on my blog, I always think whatever I displayed wasn't worth a comment. This is a potentially lovely painting worth me taking this risk.