Friday, August 12, 2011


12" x 18"

I think I am calling this finished.  It is slightly overworked in the area on the viewer's left and bottom foreground.  Still, I like most of it but as always there are areas that could be improved.  Thanks all of you for your comments and for staying tuned to the work in progress.. 


Pat said...

Doesn't look at all overworked to me.
I think its fabulous, from the detail on the mum to the loose edges where it runs into the light. Just fabulous! xx

hmuxo said...

perfectly painted! love the background colors!!

Jeannie said...

gorgeous - amazing

Linda Roth said...

I still don't see where it is overworked. The painting is lovely Ann. "As always" is how I look at my work. The feeling is just something to accept as we strive to improve with each new piece.

debwardart said...

Looks great to me, Ann, beautiful and I love all the soft edges, which I seem totally incapable of creating!