Saturday, August 20, 2011

YOP 5, Seascape

10" x 14"
Mixed Media

Here is my version of the fifth year of painting, YOP, using watercolor and gesso.   The reference photo used is by Ralph F. Kresge of NOAA, under public domain. 

The gesso was used for the white of the frothing wave and some of the lights in the foreground water.  I lost it on the figures and they still could use more work, so I resorted to using gesso mixed with watercolor fo paint them too. 


Teresa Palomar Lois said...

My favorite parts are those areas of sand with some water going over them, just a bit letting the sand be seen under them, very beautiful. Now I'm wondering what do you think ain''t right on the figures... can't see the problem

Ann Buckner said...

IRL Teresa, the figures look muddy and the shapes are quite right. Gessoed over the lower half and will repaint them. Appreciate the feedback you shared too. Thanks! Hope you are enjoying Florida!

RH Carpenter said...

The figures look like children to me and everything looks good - the story is two little girls and that wave! I hope their parents come rescue them before that wave washes them off their feet! ha ha Why did you use gesso instead of white gouache for the whites, Ann? I'm just curious to know if gesso is better than gouache for bringing back the whites.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for looking and your comments Rhonda. Yes, they are children and agree that would be pretty scary if they were very young children.

In answer to your question, when dry, gesso does not lift. Tri Art gesso is what I used on this painting and it doesn't have a plastic look to it. I do prefer Lascaux gesso as it doesn't look shiny when dry and aborbs better.