Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Foto

Each Friday at, photos are posted for the members to paint, if they choose to do so.  Today was my day to post a photo so I chose two.  My thought was that the members could mix, match, delete, include items from each of the photos.  In other words, make up one's own composition, paying special attention to the direction of the light source.  

Do you want to join in on this opportunity to create?  If so, you can join and post there, or you can paint, then e-mail me a link to your blog or website which can be posted here.  That way, we can all view your take on the subject(s).  Be sure to put "Friday Foto" in the subject line so I will know it isn't spam. 

I'm sure most of you have days when no matter how you try, a painting just doesn't go right from the beginning.  That was my experience yesterday.  The more I worked on the painting the worse it became so it ended in the round file.  Was this experience a failure?  Definitely not!  Each time paint is applied, a stroke made, values and shapes checked, it becomes a learning experience.  So celebrate all those paintings one might consider a failure because they are just another step along an artist's journey. 


RH Carpenter said...

These photos are making me hungry, Ann!! Looks like a good challenge :) And you're wise to realize the "failures" are just a learning tool - a step to another place. I tend to get bogged down in bad ones, especially if they come several in a row. Or maybe it's the rainy, dreary weather now that's got me down. But thinking about you today and hoping you are well and your Mom is still celebrating!

Ann Buckner said...

I hope you are feeling up and painting lots, Rhonda. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Mom. :)