Sunday, September 04, 2011

From the Archives

I dipped in to the archives and found this kitty cat which was painted in 2004 for a year of painting project.  This little kitty painting had found a home with a dear friend who has since passed on. 

My time has been spent revamping my website and cataloging artwork using the Working Artist program.  This is all very time consuming but decided it was time to get more organized.  There are art supplies and other odds and ends data to be entered but will take my time and gradually get it all in.  I figure an hour a day should work.   


RH Carpenter said...

I remember that painting! Really, 2004??? Where does the time go???

Pat said...

I hadn't seen this one, so glad you brought it out. Its a very sweet painting xx

Ann Buckner said...

Rhonda, it is amazing how many years have passed since we did the year of painting. Good to see that you are just as eager about painting as you were then.

Thanks Pat :)