Saturday, December 17, 2011


No, we don't have snow but since it is the Christmas season, thought this would be a good photo to share of our back yard and pasture.  Now imagine lit trees, snowmen, and elfs magically working away to help us spread joy and peace.  That is my prayer and wish for all of you, joy and peace, within and without.

I'm still working on replacing the tile in my studio which means moving furniture and all the stuff that has found its way in to the studio.  Who knew one coul collect so much in a year.  I am finally setting up an area so I can work on acrylics, oils and watercolors at the same time.  Right now though the room looks like a cyclone has hit it.  I hope to be back to painting this next week. 

I'm not sure how many of you do this but while watching tv, I notice the colors in the scenes and how they play against each other.  Tv is a wonderful way to notice design elements and color schemes. 


ann @ studiohyde said...

My art room always looks like a cyclone has hit it, usually with another one close behind! Have a great Christmas.

debwardart said...

This background would make a great Xmas card maybe sub in a large pine tree for the shed!!! How exciting to get your studio renovated. Theoretically I've got 2 areas to work, but one is usually piled with "stuff"! Good luck to you! Pleasant holidays to you and your family. Maybe Freckles will find a home by Xmas!

Studio at the Farm said...

Peace and Joy to you, Ann! You're lucky to be getting a studio! My "studio" is a small area off my bedroom, and bed and dressers are often part of my art projects! :)

Unknown said...

Ooh, how lucky you are to have that beautiful view! Have you painted that? Merry Christmas to you!