Monday, December 26, 2011


These are a couple of quick sketches this morning of Mom quilting.  I actually can't see them very well because there is a scratch on my left eye and can't wear a contact so everything is blurry.  Still I wanted to do some sketches to get a general idea of a possible setting for a painting.  Notice that in the photo on our right, she is wearing a sun visor.  Glare from light is a problem for her because of macular degeneration.  She needs the light to at least be able to see lights and darks, hence the visor to shade her eyes. 

I do hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas Day and that today finds you full of ideas to create.


jyothisethu said...

despite the difficulties, it is a nice work...

Nora MacPhail said...

Beautiful sketches. I like your portraits too.
Have a happy creative new year,