Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still Life in Oils Update

This painting has now evolved from a brass vase and purple tulips to a glass vase and red tulips.  The reasoning behind this transformation is I did not like the center position of the brass value and felt there was too much space around the subject.  I could have added other objects but decided not to, even in the rework. 

More could be done on this painting like getting better greens and better form on the leaves but am calling this study done.  It was good practice building form/shapes.  Still lots to learn about warm/cool relationships and how they are affected by the lighting of the subject.  This was painted under color corrected fluorescent but that lighting is no where as good as natural daylight for getting truer colors. 


Linda Roth said...

Your off center placement is wonderful Ann It gives the painting life. Equa-distance balance being one of the things I lean towards, I wanted to move the vase over. My desire to do so, made the composition come alive. I love it. --Your handling of the oils was skilled as well I might add.

renate said...

Hello Ann! I prefer the first one because of the warm red tulips, the beautiful vase and the very nice table. Very good job!


Nice work.