Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still Life In Oils WIP

It has been quite some time since I've worked with oils so thought to begin with a still life.  Hope you will excuse the glare on the upper right panel area.  A lamp was focused on the still life set up and it created the glare on the panel. 

I began working on an 11" x 14" Ampersand panel by sketching in the subject with charcoal, then blocked in the darks first.  I was really enjoying laying a stroke down and stepping back then I became carried away at the end of the day and took a brush and softened everything, which became over blending.  I'm trying to teach myself new habits such as laying a stroke down and leaving it, but am finding that old habits are quite difficult to break.  

The color palette is Utrecht Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Pthalo Blue, M. Graham Dioxazine Purple, WN Permanet Rose, M. Graham Cad. Red Light, Holbein Alizarin Crimson, M. Graham Transparent Red Oxide, WN Yellow Ochre, Rembrandt Cad. Yellow Light, Permelba White.  I am using is M. Graham Alkyd Medium, which helps with drying, as I am trying to stay away from materials that could combust. 

I may have to break down though and use a different medium as a couple of the oils are so stiff that it feels like I am fighting the paint.  I think those tubes of stiff paint must be quite old.  The brushes are cleaned at the end of the day using Goop then washed thoroughly until the water runs clean. 


norapaints@blogspot.com said...

Bravo Ann, loving this. The color of the vase is beautiful. A little envious of how you got this color though. I'm with you in leaving brush strokes, I want to over blend also.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Good for you. It is nice to change medium sometimes and also good to see your stages in this painting.

Linda Roth said...

Good for you is right! Oils have been on my mind too, but I gave mine away long ago and would have to restock. Your first-in-a-while painting came out quite well. Was clean up difficult--or has it gotten easier over the last twenty years?

Ebrada said...

First Visit. I usually oil paint and go back to watercolor. Love flowers and don't paint them unless I am doing a demo. Don't know why just thought of it.

Pat said...

Love what's happening here. You're so versatile - and good in all mediums xx