Friday, January 06, 2012

Tea Party 2 Update

 This is the painting as it looks now.  Some of the feedback I received was that the chair didn't look like a chair, the red dish on the left was too distracting.  I also corrected the left eye a bit, reshaped the bottom lip and made it a little fuller, took out the too defined space between the teeth and darken a lot of the boa feathers.  You can see the difference in the comparison photo below. 


Linda Roth said...

Your improvements look great Ann. This head reminds me of a Latrec Moulin Rough dancer--must be the boa? Do ladies really go to tea dressed like this?

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Linda. :)

This is actually a very young girl playing dressup. There were at six young ladies all with feather boas, hats, gloves along with accessories and makeup celebrating a birthday. They were so cute.

Studio at the Farm said...

Your changes are very good,Ann. The feather boa is fabulous!!!