Saturday, January 07, 2012


That may seem like an odd name for this post but it simply about how paintings can transition from one look to another.  These four photos are of the same painting.   Because I didn't like the look I was achieving and because it differed from my original idea of a snowy, foggy winter's day, I kept changing it.  It is far from finished but I do like the direction this is going now as can be seen in the top left photo. 

One of the acrylic artists whose work I admire is Charles Harrington.  Having seen his work in real life, I can tell you the photos simply don't do them justice. 

Another thing of note today was reading the Compose blog posted by Dianne Mize.  She said, "Keeping a painting fresh and alive is not a matter of following a set of rules--including intentionally trying to loosen up--nor is it slinging paint willy-nilly.  Rather, bringing life into a painting comes from an inner attitude of wondering what one will discover next and allowing the painting to move forward within that intention."  Now isn't that an eye opener! 

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