Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Color Wheels & Cups

I tried to do a variety of wheels using different primaries and in some added a secondary tube orange and green.  Then I tried to paint my everlasting challenge of painting a rose that resembles a rose, using a cool green/red complement with a warm color thrown in. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Color Swatches & Wheels

At paintingfriends.com, we are just beginning to study colors that we currently have collected during our time as painters.  We all own so many different tubes of colors and the only way to get a handle on what colors work best with others is to do color studies, swatches and wheels.  Also, we believe this will help us to break away from the palette we most often use and try different colors that normally sit in the drawer or bin.

I have been to handprint.com to check out their watercolor visual and mixing complements and to danielsmith.com to see their recommended complements, because that is the brand I use most frequently.  One of the things I noticed is that some of the complementary greens are mixed colors (having more than one pigment).  It is also interesting to note which colors are transparent, semi-transparent, opaque, granulating, staining or non-staining and especially important is the pigment lightfastness.   

My personal preference is to use a light fast rating of excellent or LF1 with a preference for transparent colors unless I am painting a landscape.  The earth tones  used are mostly raw sienna, yellow ochre, (opaque or semi-transparent) or quin. gold (transparent) along with burnt sienna, sepia, transparent brown oxide, transparent red oxide, and quin. burnt orange.  I also use cerulean blue a lot to mix greens in landscapes.  There is something about the muted mixture that appeals to me.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Grapes, YOP 11

 The topic for this month's year of painting was grapes.  As you can see, I didn't go with the sketch but stayed with the reference photo which was provided by Diana Lee from the Wet Canvas Reference Image Library.  The painting is on an 1/8th sheet of Fabriano Aristico Soft Press paper. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Scooby, Today's Quick Sketch

Scooby Sleeping
A quick sketch of Scooby sleeping but then he moved and I lost the body position.Also, need to work more on the shape of his face.  Fun to do though.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

From the Archives & Painting Friends is Up & Running

This was done for the Year of Painting back in 2005 where we painted one painting a week.  Can't remember where the reference photo came from but it was adorable. 

I have begun working on the current Year of Painting project of one painting a month.  The YOP painting is due February 20th.  The subject is grapes and it can be a painting or a collage or both. Should be fun to see what the member come up with. 

This last week or two were very busy as work was done behind the scenes at paintingfriends.com, upgrading the forum and adding a new photo library system.  So today we are celebrating that it is now open to its members even though there may be a few kinks to work out.  Come by paintingfriends.com for a visit although it is only open to members and only the portal page can be seen, you may just decide to join us. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

From the Archives & Chatter

What is interesting about this painting beside the textures and colors in the background, is that it is acrylic on canvas which as been glued to a thick plexiglass sheet.  To help protect the plexiglass from shattering, a canvas was also glued on the back.  This was painted several years ago and so far has not warped and hasn't sustained any damage because of the support. Strange as it may seem, I really like this painting as it looks in real life even though it doesn't have 3-dimensional depth.

It has been a very busy time around here since paintingfriends.com (PF) is upgrading its services, adding a photo gallery which will be much enjoyed by the membership.  There is lots of editing/programming going on to make the upgrade compatible with our current site and to give PF a bit different look.  It will take most of this week for that to get finished with the changeover hopefully occurring the first of the next week. 

I'm anxious to get back to sketching and painting after the work for PF is all done.  In the meantime, wish us good luck with the upgrades, will you.