Tuesday, February 07, 2012

From the Archives & Chatter

What is interesting about this painting beside the textures and colors in the background, is that it is acrylic on canvas which as been glued to a thick plexiglass sheet.  To help protect the plexiglass from shattering, a canvas was also glued on the back.  This was painted several years ago and so far has not warped and hasn't sustained any damage because of the support. Strange as it may seem, I really like this painting as it looks in real life even though it doesn't have 3-dimensional depth.

It has been a very busy time around here since paintingfriends.com (PF) is upgrading its services, adding a photo gallery which will be much enjoyed by the membership.  There is lots of editing/programming going on to make the upgrade compatible with our current site and to give PF a bit different look.  It will take most of this week for that to get finished with the changeover hopefully occurring the first of the next week. 

I'm anxious to get back to sketching and painting after the work for PF is all done.  In the meantime, wish us good luck with the upgrades, will you.


Linda Roth said...

I don't know what PF is, but good luck Ann. I like the painting too; I thought it was a Valentine given strawberries do have a valentine-like shape.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Good luck with the upgrades. I can't live without technology, but I hate working on it!!!