Thursday, February 16, 2012

From the Archives & Painting Friends is Up & Running

This was done for the Year of Painting back in 2005 where we painted one painting a week.  Can't remember where the reference photo came from but it was adorable. 

I have begun working on the current Year of Painting project of one painting a month.  The YOP painting is due February 20th.  The subject is grapes and it can be a painting or a collage or both. Should be fun to see what the member come up with. 

This last week or two were very busy as work was done behind the scenes at, upgrading the forum and adding a new photo library system.  So today we are celebrating that it is now open to its members even though there may be a few kinks to work out.  Come by for a visit although it is only open to members and only the portal page can be seen, you may just decide to join us. 


ann @ studiohyde said...

Love this little drawing, it's so cute. Thanks for mentioning, I have heard of this before so I think I will pop on over to it and may well join in, if they'll have me!

Crystal Cook said...

That is such a cute drawing Ann. And I didn't even know about painting friends, so I'm glad you told me about it. :)) Will have to check it out.

mollie jones said...

Wonderful little drawing, Ann...thanks so much for all you've done for us at's a wonderful family of artists.

Pat said...

Love this older work, Ann.
Thanks too for all your work on Painting Friends. It looks fab. I'm looking forward to seeing your grapes :) xx