Monday, March 12, 2012

Analogous Colors

I've been working on this daffodil painting using analogous colors as the color scheme.  Azo and New Gamboge for yellow, perinone orange, perm. red and perm. alizarin crimson, then added in Cobalt and Phthalo Blue as the complement used for graying the yellow and red mixes, and for mixing greens. 

I've been finding it difficult to get good form in this painting so there has been a lot of lifting and repainting.  My goal was not to go too dark on the shadow side of the daffs but haven't achieved the right values to create depth within the daffs.  Thanks to Pat at for the reference photo. 


Linda Roth said...

I sort of like the softness of your forms. Daffodils are perishable. They are soft. You've got some beautiful colors going on in those petals. said...

Ann Isn't yellow sometimes the hardest color to work with. I find your bottom flower worked out very well. Guess what i was thinking on trying for this. Rethinking now LOL