Friday, March 30, 2012

Decorah Eagle Sketch

I check in to this live web cam showing Decorah Eagles nesting.  The two babies are so tiny and it is interesting to watch the male and female switch out their time on the nest and feed their young.  It was fun to sketch this as the eagle was moving all the time. 

I did a contour drawing of plastic cups and soda cans sitting on a table with the sunlight filtering through the trees and believe me, I didn't get anywhere close to a resemblance of the subjects.  I watched a video of Charles Reid doing a contour drawing and was amazed how much of a likeness he drew.  So after do the drawing, I decided to slap on some color.  I like how everything is wonky and not really recognizable as such.  A drip started running down the page and decided to leave it when it ran into the inside of the cup.  Fun, fun project and an excellent way to loosen up.

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